Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Two Time Winner of Best of TechEd! - Back to Back Winners

I looked back at my blog posting from last year when we won Best of TechEd in the cloud computing category with our VIS for Office 365 solution and so many things remain the same.  Working the booth was long and tiring work, but again we had some great conversations with existing customers as well as prospects.

It is hard to imagine that a full year has passed.  So many things have happened.  We went on a bit of worldwide tour, where I spent about 8 weeks in Australia and New Zealand.  We sponsored both TechEd Australia and TechEd New Zealand.  We cosponsored this with our Australian partner and the shows were a huge success.  We landed some great business and the region is continuing to grow.

As was the case last year, the highlight of the conference was winning the Best of TechEd award.  Once again Optimal IdM was honored last week by winning the Best of TechEd award in Houston Texas.  Our Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint solution won in the SharePoint category.

I think i said it well last year that it is really exciting to have an independent panel of experts (editors of Windows IT Pro) select your product as the best!  This year they reviewed over 200 products and then narrowed that down to 3 finalists in each category.  Just making it as a finalist this year was great, but to win the award back to back  2 years in a row was simply awesome.

Last year I said that we would be able to brag (nicely of course) that we have award winning software and that it would be a badge we would wear proudly.  Now we will humbly but proudly wear two badges as back to back winners.

I think the editors said it best when they posted on their website the following summary.

"Optimal IdM Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint brings a new level of management and delegated administration to SharePoint, allowing both large and small installations to drive user and distribution list management and access rights down to the lowest admin levels where they need to be. Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint also allows users from multiple, disconnected identity sources to access common SharePoint sites whether they're inside or outside the company."

The posting can be found here on Windows IT Pro's website


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